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Studio B (also known as "The Green House") is a small production Studio catering to voice-overs, speeches, rapping, beatboxing. The Studio B Booth (a.k.a. "The Washer") can also accomodate small instruments such as acoustic guitar, saxophone, ukulele, shakers, triangle and the occasional baby rattle. You can also produce your own demo songs, beats, concept work for a larger production or undertaking basic post-production. The studio accomodates up to 2 people at a time.


  • Studio B runs on a Mac Mini.
  • PreSonus Audiobox 96 USB;
  • Prodipe MIDI Keyboard;
  • Two sets of monitoring headphones;
  • KRK ROKIT 5 monitors;
  • Behinger matched stereo pair C-2 condenser microphones;
  • SE pop filter and Reflexion Filter.
  • Studio B is also treated with green and Auralex acoustic foam for a great sound.

    Studio B utalises the following music production systems:
  • Pro Tools 11;
  • Cubase Artist 6.5;
  • FL Studio 11 Producer Edition;
  • Reason 6.5;
  • Sibelius 7; among others.

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