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I have around 10 tracks I am mastering at the moment, a couple of music mixes, as well as several productions of different tracks on the go.


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Jonathan G. Shaw holds a Masters degree with distinction in Arts Management, in the field of Cultural Policy and Management (CPM), from Wits University. Mr Shaw can boast to have mixed over thirty albums, mastered over a thousand singles, while having completed literally hundreds of music productions for different recording artists and labels, applying a rare sensitivity to the creative process of music recording. Shaw has had several number one hits he has produced, as well tracks he has mastered getting millions of plays. He has been studying and practicing music for over two decades now, recently completing his UNISA Music Theory Grade 5 (ABRSM/Trinity Grade 6 equivalent) in 2021. Jonathan G. Shaw is a music technology and music business lecturer at EMENDY Multimedia Institute. He is a sought out composer, audio engineer, musician, producer, consultant and music marketer whose credits feature highly in the independent music hemisphere.


Jonathan G. Shaw began Springboard Music in 2001 as a music development business. The company's vision was to uplift local musicians by providing quality demonstration recordings and advice. The company changed its name in 2003 to Shaw Music Studios to reflect the more serious nature of work that the business had started to acquire. By 2004 the studio was being utilised as a full production service. The studio was acquired by Ibilion in 2009.

Mr Shaw has extensive experience and has been working full-time in the music industries since 2005. In high school he started a rock band, which achieved moderate success and developed his intense interest in music. After school, with the encouragement of his parents, he attended the University of the Witwatersrand and obtained a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Marketing and Information Systems. Following this, he enrolled at Inhouse Audio Training and graduated with a Certificate in Sound Engineering at the top of his class.

Shaw returned to Wits and completed an Honours Degree in Marketing specialising in music business. During this study time Mr. Shaw developed his recording studio and again amended its vision to focus on production and post-production services. He also runs a creative industries consultation and marketing company called Ibilion. In 2010 Jonathan obtained a distinction (98%) for the Digidesign Pro Tools 110 certification.


While there are just too many artists - many new close friends - that could be recounted during running the studio, along with hundreds of music productions that have been done, here are but a few highlights: In 2008, Mr Shaw mastered Christian rap group Last Days Fam's "The Official Streets EP", and later in 2013, their "Eternal Effects" album which was received to high acclaim receiving a Hype Magazine and Crown Gospel award, and a SAMA nomination. Shaw completed the theatrical production “The Purr Factory” as music producer with playwright Corinne Farber in 2010. This kids rock musical was an 18 song story and narration staged at the UJ Theatre and the National Theatre in Pretoria. In 2011, Mr Shaw recorded, mixed and mastered Rob Rodell's "A Cappella Christmas", nominated for a SAMA award.


In late 2013 Jonathan Shaw produced the official campaign song of the Democratic Alliance for the Gauteng province sung by artist Majola - listen to it on our soundcloud page. The production proved quite extensive featuring all session players and small choir. Majola's album "Boet Sissy", where Mr Shaw played a pivotal role in the arrangements, performances and production was also received to critical acclaim. The Chrysalis Project, a varied compilation of 18 distinct and original artists, all produced by Jonathan G Shaw over the past decade, was released in 2013. The track Larger Than Life by Dylan Pretorius, featured on the compilation, found critical acclaim and radio success:

Shaw also completed the theatrical production The Purr Factory as music producer with playwright Corinne Farber:


Brigette Phatudi number 1 on coastal radio! In early 2015, Shaw had the honour of recording Tessa Niles' audiobook entitled "Backtrack". In 2016, Mr Shaw recorded vocals, mixed and mastered Jisca Mutombo's album "It's Not Too Late" (video below) and mastered Deborah Lukalu's live album "Overflow", her 2018 release "Call Me Favour" and 2020's "Maajuba", all received to critical acclaim, among others of Deborah's albums and singles. Deborah Lukalu's 2017 single "We Testify" recently breached 15-million views on YouTube in August 2021! This led to a plethora of music production work among the Congolese Gospel artist fraternity, including Merveille Noey Sam and Lord Lombo, often in collaboration with producer Herve Nzambe. Lord Lombo's "Emmanuel" has also reached over 15-million views on YouTube. During this time, Shaw also worked with many hip hop artists culminating in albums for Blaque Nubon (winning a Crown Gospel Award in 2017) and Incense (nominated for a Crown Gospel Award in 2018). Mr Shaw had mixed one track and was looking forward to finalising an album for kwaito star Mandoza in April 2016, just before Mandoza's passing on 18 September 2016. Mr Shaw also recorded several motivational and mind-power albums for renowned mind-power expert Robin Banks between 2016 to 2018. Jonathan G. Shaw had his first number one hit on Coastal Radio on 16 August 2016 with the song Little Broken Heart by Bridgette Phatudi.


Toya Delazy has used the studio in recording her group the Klutch Kollective over 2017. Jonathan was also commissioned by the Milk Producers Organisation (MPO) to produce an 11 track instrumental compilation entitled "Moo-sic to Milk By" featured in the November edition of the Dairy Mail magazine. Alicia Thomas-Woolf wrote her child empowerment book entitled "Powerful", and recorded the audiobook:

In 2017, Jonathan Shaw was nominated as a finalist at the Los Angeles CineFest for his music score for the movie "Thirst" produced by Devon Singh and directed by Kevin Singh. His credits can be reviewed on IMDB.

LACineFest Finalist LACineFest Best Score Semi-Finalist 2017 LACineFest Best Score Finalist 2017


Mr Shaw has recorded several times in the M3 studios at the SABC RBF facilities in Johannesburg: in July 2018 for a church band's album and then again in July 2019 for a 40-piece choir's album. In September 2018, his studio was relocated to the Fontainebleau area in Randburg, Johannesburg, where a larger facility was set up, paving the way to record three choir projects that year: The Young Mzolo Group, Bravo Rhythmic Voices and the Joe Morolong Memorial Hospitaal Serenaders. In July 2019, mastering work for award winning Congolese artist Mike Kalambay was completed for his album "Mon Avocat", with the song "Kiti Ofandi" getting almost 8-million views on YouTube by the end of 2021. In March 2020, Mr Shaw recorded Gabi Lowe's touching and powerful audiobook "Get Me To 21" as well as completing mixing and mastering an album called "Redemption" for well-known Christian artist Lilly Million. The band Bad Scooter produced their debut album with Mr Shaw over 2020.


In 2021, Shaw mastered a 13 episode season of Gospel Unplugged 101 for channel Trace by production company Glue It Sticks, as well as composing and producing over 20 minutes of soundtrack music for a theatre production by Jake Natane entitled "Descent" for the Market Theatre Laboratory residency.

Johannesburg-based band The Flat Shandys had recorded numerous demos at our studio years before, but then had their debut single "Satellites" produced by Jonathan Shaw in August 2021. By November the track had entered the Mix 93.8 FM South African Top 40 AC/pop/rock chart, climbing to no. 1 over seven weeks on 28 January 2022. "Satellites" was no. 1 again for two more weeks after that, as well being in Mix's top 10 played songs during December 2021 and most requested song in February 2022! The band's follow-up single "I Wanna Love You" made its debut on the Mix FM chart at no. 36, with Satellites at no. 37 on Friday 25 March 2022. Climbing the chart over the next few weeks, "I Wanna Love You" peaked at no. 9 on Friday 13 May 2022. In December 2022, "Satellites" again made the charts, hitting number 8 on Mix FM's Year End Top 40. The following year saw the band again hit the Mix charts with "It's a Sunny Day" rising to number 13 in August 2023.

The Flat Shandys hit track Satellites at no.1 on the Mix 93.8 FM chart!

In January 2022, #Mo released his debut EP entitled "NEO", engineered by Jonathan G. Shaw, which was nominated for a Mzanzi Arts and Media Award (MAMA Award) by April 2022 and won a South Africa Upcoming Music Award (SAUMA) in December 2022. Shaw won the Prestige Award for "Audio Engineer of the Year, 2022" in September 2022.


Moss released his debut EP of six tracks entiteld "Your Dream Just Became True" in January 2022 engineerd by Jonathan G. Shaw. Jazz group N'Den released their debut album "Sisingathiwe" constiting of 10 tracks, mastered by Shaw in April 2023. Deborah Lukalu's "Trust In The Storm", also mastered by Shaw, followed shortly after. Metal artist INVADER recorded another EP which Shaw recorded, mixed and mastered called "Up And Rising" in May 2023. Jeanette Tshimole released her debut EP "She Was Once a Saint" in February 2023 consisting of 5 tracks all produced from scratch by Jonathan G. Shaw. The single "She-Devil" was picked up by MFM 92.6FM radio in August 2023.

In June 2023, Jonathan G. Shaw completed a long-awaited collaboration between himself and singer / songwriter Lilla Post, where Post's song "Miss You" and her amazing vocals where set to a pop electronic production in Shaw's own unique style. Singer / songwriter mist tree re-released her 2010 sophomore album "sometimes (this album)" in September 2023 which was remastered for a new, powerful sound that presented the album as it was always meant to be experienced. The youth jazz trio MEKWANO recorded the debut album "First Steps" in September 2023, consisting of 13 tracks. Read the MEKWANO press release here.

Shaw continued his work for longtime collaborator Duncan Foley, completed four new mix and masters for the rocker. The stand out track was Foley's "Colours", featuring epic guitars and rock groove. Shaw also collaborated with heartland rock singer / songwriter Craig Green to produce Green's song entitled "Kick in the Guts". In August of 2023, rapper Jay and classical pianist Modi collaborated on an massive rap classic entitled "Cinco De Mayo" which garnered over 25000 views with its extensive music video, where Shaw recorded vocals and mixed and mastered the final project, including its orchestral version:

Rapper S!ck finally completed his Hidden Bars project (after waiting 3 years to record the last track) where his vocals were recorded at Shaw Music Studios and final mix and master by Shaw. The band riZen recorded 3 gospel songs in October 2023. By November 2023, rapper Offinsive Genius had completed 5 tracks toward his debut album, all mixed and mastered by Jonathan G. Shaw.


Author Gerry Pelser commisioned us to create an audiobook of Discovering Leigh, the first in the Lovers of Leigh series of books. Sigrid Shaw was the voice artist in this 18 hour epic read! The next book, Discovering julia, is currently in production. The artist Intrveen released several tracks in 2024 co-produced, mixed and mastered by Shaw. In April 2024 music retailer Apple Music approved Jonathan G. Shaw's application to be an Apple Approved digital mastering house.

The Flat Shandys hit track Satellites at no.1 on the Mix 93.8 FM chart!

At this time, Jonathan Shaw was headhunted by EMENDY Multimedia Institute to take over as music technology and music business lecturer and curriculum development within the college. With this new role, Shaw Music Studios became an exclusive referral music production service. Due to the nature of our business, and to mange workload, we work on a referral system with our existing clientele in order to provide premium and outstanding service. We encourage you to follow us on social media for networking events and current clientele.

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